Friday, September 19, 2014

22 years ago today….

I said, “I do.”



And 22 years ago my dear Mother was sewing all these dresses! 

Such poufy sleeves!!! Oyi!


And what a journey it has turned out to be……

We are a great team and that has gotten us through a lot of ups and downs.

We still like each other.  Which is important! Winking smile

And he still makes me laugh.

hubby and I

And I’m really looking forward to spending a whole week with him at my favorite spot. <3

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thankful Thursday

**Thankful that we leave for the beach in TWO days.

Oh, ocean, how I love thee.


**Thankful that we can get some down time. Together.  We need it.


**Thankful that I could get my nails done today.  Travis gave me a gift certificate for my birthday but he also had set up the appointment for today and was in charge of Lena and Ava so I could have an hour of relaxation. <3


What a treat today.


I’m going to miss him next week.

I keep asking him if he will miss us??!?


To which he says, “Nah!”

I forsee a party at the Hamy’s.

Yeah well…..the boy hooked me up with a mani/pedi today.  Winking smile

As long as the house is cleaned up when I get home!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Eat dessert first!

After 41 years I’ve decided that eating dessert first should be standard policy on your birthday!


Yesterday I turned 41 34 again and my sweet friend, Marcia, took me to Sweet Frogs for a frozen yogurt to celebrate my birthday while we waited for our girls to be done at ballet. <3


And then the evening just got better and better.

I took yesterday and just tried to enjoy each moment that came along.

When the boys were young it was my standing “policy” that we didn’t do school on my birthday.  Since I’m the teacher I get to make such policies.  And after the pain and stress they caused me during labor I felt this was a great idea!

I enjoyed special phone messages (Megan, you guys need some work on your singing! Winking smile  You sounded like a true Heisey! lol)

And got special wishes via emailed cards, snail mail and facebook messages.


And coffee!!!!


I consumed way to much coffee yesterday! Winking smile(Is that even possible though?!?!)

(I bought myself a Keurig with my birthday money…which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!)

That probably explains why I could stay awake past midnight last night.

My bigs wanted to watch Captain America; Winter Solider with me so we had a mid week movie night which we never do!


And I’ve officially become that crazy dog mom.  I bought for myself, asked for a dog carrier so I can carry Willow on the beach when I go for walks.

I LOVE it.  And she LOVES it.

20140916_190932 (1)

I realized yesterday that it is good we got a puppy when I’m in my 40’s.  I’m way more laid back. Everything around here gets destroyed/broken anyhow so having a puppy who might chew on some things, or might leave tootsie roll poop in my school room, I  just let it roll off my back.

Whatever.  It can be replaced.

Earlier in my life that would have drove me bonkers.  Now it is just is one more thing to clean up.


It was just “A Typical Tuesday” in a lot of ways but one that had many special moments sprinkled in throughout the day. 


The girls love making cards for their Mama and their GF cupcakes that they made (with Daddy’s help) were delicious.

Love them.  <3

And especially love the boy,who has a paying job, and gets me a gift certificates like this: Winking smile


Travis totally hooked me up and even made the appointment for me to get my nails done before we leave for the beach on Sat.


Three days and counting till vacation!

It is hard leaving 2 at home but I’m really thankful we don’t have to drive 2 vehicles this year.  I can just sit back and relax on the drive. (as relaxing as a 9 hour drive can be with 4 kids plus a puppy!?!!) But I’m hopeful that the whole week is just going to seem more relaxing to me this year.

At least that is the goal.

And with this good smellin’ body wash and goodies that Nancy gave me I think I’m on my way to relaxation.


(as long as Steve doesn’t eat me!  The description on this body wash cracked me up.)


So thankful for some really special true friends in my life who I can be totally real with. <3

“What is a True Friend?

An ancient proverb, captures the essence and beauty of true friendship.

It says, “Ah, the beauty of being at peace with another, neither having to weigh thoughts or measure words, but spilling them out just as they are, chaff and grain together, certain that a faithful hand will keep what is worth keeping and, with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.”

Friends find the good in us and dismiss the rest. We can be ourselves in their presence and not worry about misunderstandings or saying the wrong thing.”  Time Krause from Shared Friendship.

Monday, September 15, 2014

I lost my mind!!

At least that is what the girls think about me today!


I told them I had a special art project for them to do.

That I wanted them to use sharpie markers and draw pictures ON MY KITCHEN WALL.

Ava wasn’t sure she was really allowed at first.

And the cutest thing was when I overhear Lena whisper to Ava:

“What kind of Mom lets her kids draw on the wall???”


I think it came out pretty cute! 

And it will serve to remind me to treasure the craziness in our lives.

That even when something seems “bad” it can be turned into something good, like art.


I can’t take the credit for this brilliant idea. 

My friend, Marcia, told me that I should watch a movie called Moms' Night Out.

I had never heard about it and didn’t realize it was a Faith based film. She just said I would get a good laugh.

Well….I ended up crying through the movie as it just really hit home but was exactly what I needed to hear.

That I am a great mom.  Sure, I have my shortcomings.  I’m a mess, but a beautiful mess. And God put these kids in my life and thinks I can do this job. That my job IS important.

I cried when the mom literally fell asleep in mid sentence on her husband’s lap as I am that kind of tired right now. I cried when Trace Adkins, the biker dude, told the mama eagle story.

I did laugh though.  Alot. It is really well done!  Check out some clips at the link below:

So I decided that the girls were going to create masterpieces on my kitchen wall today.

And they did.

And it will be something I will treasure.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

The old man…..

still got it!


But not from lack of trying on Travis’ part!


It won’t be long though….. Winking smile

On the line was a delicious Oreo cookie dipped in chocolate.


The groom’s mom from the wedding yesterday made these as favors.

They were beautiful and yummy…..but I know that this groom mom will NOT be making such fancy favors.

We did tell the boys that we really liked the espresso bar at the reception though and that could be our contribution!

I’ll need some good strong coffee the day I have to give them away! sniff sniff.

Love these boys. <3


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Love is in the air….

So another one of our friends kids got married today.

This is starting to become a regular thing… just shows we are getting old.

We have been friends with John and Kerri for years.

We have treasured their friendship very much over the years and they have seen us through A LOT of ups and downs.

Kerri is my homeschool mentor and I have learned many, many great things from her in the way she lives her life.

We loved going to the Outer Banks with the Stein family and have many great memories from spending a week at the beach with them.

Except when they talked me into trying to kayak! Winking smile


(Aren’t Mary and Logan adorable!?!?)

Years ago John got really, really, really sick.

Like given a couple months to live, sick.

And I remember writing in my journal and being mad at how God could let this happen??  John has a wife and 5 little kids who need him to be around!! I wrote it isn’t fair that he won’t be able to walk his daughters down the aisle. And prayed that God would heal him.

WELL….God, in all His awesomeness, reminded me today that HE really is in control.

John isn’t 100% better….he still isn’t 100% healed BUT he walked Mary down the aisle today. 

And he SANG in her wedding which is a miracle all in itself as John struggles with a lung condition that makes it hard to breathe and take full breaths.

It is a true miracle.


And Mary is the 3rd daughter to get married!!

God is sooo good.  And so faithful.


What a beautiful celebration.  I think Nikki’s expression says it all.

Yeah God! You rock!

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Dodd. <3

Thank you Father for answering my prayers and for awesome friends who stick us through the thick and thin.

Today was a good reminder to my heart that God really does love us.  He hears our prayers and He makes a way….even when all the medical doctors say there isn’t an answer.

He holds the answers and should be the only hope we cling to.

To just trust.