Monday, August 3, 2015

Welll….this changes my month

I kinda knew in my heart that this was coming.  But I didn’t want to face it.

But now there is a date on the calendar and it will be here all too soon!

Like a week from Friday soon!!

August 14th I’m scheduled for surgery on my left shoulder.

I’m hopeful that it will take care of the problems and pain I’ve been having.  The “issue” I’m having is the not knowing how long recovery will be.

And I won’t know much more details until after the surgeon goes in and looks at my whole shoulder with his fancy camera.

I definitely (as definite as can be I guess) need to have the arthroscopic subacromial decompression done.  That will help the impingement issues.

BUT as he looked at the MRI he saw an infraspinatus rotator cuff tear and a superior labral anterior posterior lesion tear.  But since they didn’t do the dye MRI he isn’t sure how deep/bad they are….and so he will assess that once he has the scope in there and may have to repair them.

THEN  as he was moving my arm and pressing here and there he noticed something “off” with my bicep muscle so he is now talking about doing a biceps tenodesis.

Which I had never heard of the bicep thing before…. and again he will wait until he has the scope in there to see for sure what he is going to do….but when he was examing my shoulder/arm I could feel something wasn’t right in that area. Time will tell.

It just sounds painful…..and is a longer recovery time then if I would just need the arthroscopic subacromial decompression. 

Like a recovery of only being allowed to lift a coffee cup for 4 weeks?!!?!?

How is a Mom supposed to get stuff done with that limitation on her dominate arm!??!!?

So I know I’ll be in a sling for about 2 weeks at least… I’m trying to clear my schedule for at least 2 weeks.

I probably will be updating via facebook more after the surgery with short updates. If you want to follow along send me a friend request at: CrazyAte Hamys and I will friend you. Smile

Thanks for your prayers….as you know Mama can’t be down for the count long.  So I’m hoping that I won’t be that “helpless” and that life will continue on here.  I’m thankful I could get a surgery date so soon so I’ll be 4 weeks post-op when we head to the OBX for our vacation. And I’ll be about 8 weeks post-op when it is time to do Ava’s bone graft surgery on Oct. 7th.

But I do need to go shopping for some yogo pants and zippered/button down easy shirts as I can’t get shirts up and over my head for awhile.

Easy and comfortable is the name of the game.

I just hope and pray this fixes my shoulder and I can be pain free. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015


I have that desire for sure!  I’m LOVING the sunlight and longer nights and I’m just soaking it all in…..hoping this next month will be full of more sunshine and more laughter filled days.

A perfect summer evening…..






So I’m soaking up every minute……before its gone.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

What do ya know Jo?

She knows that she is loved.  By a lot of people in her life and I’m so thankful for that.

The nurses that brought her to her 6 week check up appointment just went on and on about how special she is and how they wished all the kids could be as pleasant and smiley as Josie! <3


It was a very long appointment though….four hours!

But it was good to see her and her foot looks good!

(I was bummed to find out that Bella had to be moved to another rehab place. Sad smileBut Josie says she enjoys talking with her roommate.)


We had to get x-rays done, then we waited for the intern to come in and take off the casts.


Josie covered her ears and giggled through it.


Then we went across the hall to get fitted for her new braces. Which she picked the Batman pattern. lol

And then the not so fun part came……


Dr. Fortuna had to pull out that pin.  I couldn’t watch….it was gross.  But Jo was brave and squeezed my hand tight!

Her right foot is way more in line and straight now!

                  (July 28th, 2015)                                                                                                (June 14th, 2015)

IMAG3111Josie surgery 6.16.15 (5)

After the pin came out then she got another cast put on her right foot.  That will only be on for 3 weeks and then her new braces will be ready…..and then PT can really begin!

She can weight bear on both legs now.  But she won’t really be able to do much walking until the cast on the right foot comes off. But the physical therapist can now start doing ROM on her left foot.

Dr. Fortuna is hopeful that this will help with her walking and after Chris, our “brace guy,” saw her foot he really thinks she won’t have as much trouble with her braces like she was having after seeing how straight her foot is now!  I hope he’s right!


There is a lot of neat stuff happening in her life and in ours.  God stuff.

Someday I hope that I can share all that God has been doing behind the scenes.  He is so good.  And so faithful in taking care of us….all of us. 

And so we continue to just walk the path that He lays in front of us.  Step by step.  Moment by moment. And just keep trusting in His provision.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Eight is Great!

Ava turned 8 on Saturday. 

She barely slept on Friday night as she was SO very excited for her birthday and to spend the day at the zoo.


When she woke up there was a morning present waiting beside her bed….just like at home.

IMAG2983 (1)IMAG2985 (1)

It is so hard to imagine that she was 3 years old when we went to China in 2011 to become her parents.


Oh how she’s changed.  She is so sweet.  She is totally an animal lover.  And she is always willing to share whatever it is she might have. And she has an incredible sense of humor…her timing is amazing.  She has us cracking up all the time.

She constantly thanks Jesus for her family…..and we are so thankful we were called to be her Daddy and Mama.


She is our “Super Girl” for how brave she is and how much she has overcome in her short life already. <3


I decided that a piñata would be a fun thing to do with the cousins.  So I packed it all up and took it down to VA with us and we did it Friday night after we got settled into our rooms.


We basically took over the outdoor area for the evening…but that’s ok. Winking smile

They make these piñatas so hard to break open now!  The kids each batted at it a few times and then finally Travis just ripped it open and we had a candy scramble.


Then after supper on Saturday we all gathered in the breakfast/lounge area of the hotel and had a party for her.  What a blessing it was for me to not have to really “do” anything for a party other than order a cake!!! 


Her Aunt Joy’s present is really cool. There is a special program at our local Hershey Zoo that you can go and get a “behind the scenes” tour and help feed the animals!!! So my sister is taking Isabella and Ava for a special day coming up here soon.  They are both VERY excited about this!

This is a very special present! <3


Her brothers know what she likes!


We had a wonderful time just loving on Ava and my niece, Isabella, whose birthday is in a couple of weeks so we celebrated early since we were all together!



IMAG3061 (1)


IMAG3043IMAG3044 (1)

Happy Birthday sweet girl.  I can’t promise next year’s birthday will be quite so “extravagant” but we promise to make it special….becuz you are special and we love you very much! <3